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State officials are about to outlaw 75 mind-altering substances, some of which have already found their way into Vermont. It's the latest move in their never-ending game of cat and mouse with the manufacturers of synthetic drugs.

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The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is looking for brains. The center, in White River Junction, is run by the Department of Veterans Affairs and it's opening the world's first national brain bank for PTSD . It's a physical library of veterans' brain tissue to help researchers learn more about PTSD.

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As the Commentary Producer at VPR, I help to bring public voices to the airways through essays that we hope will have special meaning for you. For five years the voice of Elaine Harrington was among those voices.

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For many new mothers, breastfeeding is a boon. It’s healthy for them and for their babies. But some mothers have more milk than they can use, and others have less, or none. 

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This month marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA prohibits discrimination against people with physical and cognitive impairments, and it requires employers to make reasonable accommodations to employees who have disabilities. It also set out accessibility requirements for public spaces.

Neil and Patricia Whitney say that a foster child brought bedbugs into their home in 2012 and are trying to recuperate damages from insurance companies.
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A Rutland foster couple that sued the state after a botched bedbug extermination in 2013 feels they should be able to seek additional damages from insurance companies.

But the Vermont attorney general’s office says that the family will have to pay for any legal costs the state may incur as a result of those suits, according to the terms of their settlement.

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It’s been nearly two years since state officials first identified patient care problems at Rutland Mental Health Services. But serious shortcomings at the organization persist. And lawmakers are worried that neither Rutland Mental Health nor the state has done enough to bring the agency back into compliance. 

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More and more members of the military are coming back from deployments needing medical attention, and Vietnam-era veterans are aging. 

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The University of Vermont Medical Center waited seven weeks to implement changes in the way nurses prepare and administer drugs after a patient was killed by a Ketamine overdose accidentally injected by a nurse, documents show.

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Vermont has poured millions of dollars into addiction-treatment programs in recent years. Now, a new federal grant will try to keep people from abusing drugs in the first place.