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Last year, Vermont lawmakers heeded President Obama’s call to boost the minimum wage. But it’s unclear whether the president’s recent push for paid sick days will spur action in the Statehouse in 2015.

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A statewide campaign has been launched to build support for a plan to tax sugar-sweetened beverages including soda and energy drinks.

Supporters say the tax is needed to discourage Vermonters from consuming these beverages. But opponents say it's the heavy hand of government trying to influence personal behavior.

Last winter, Governor Shumlin took a good first step in reframing the issue of drug addiction by defining it as a public health crisis rather than simply as a problem of crime. Since illnesses can be treated, it follows that treatment should be more effective than incarceration and in the past year, Vermont has made great strides in creating a number of proactive strategies.

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The percentage of Vermonters without health insurance is the second lowest in the nation, and has reduced significantly in the last several years. In 2012, 6.8 percent of Vermont's population was uninsured. Last year that number was 3.7%.

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After eating and drinking in excess during the holidays, many start the New Year making resolutions to eat healthier, drink less and exercise more.

But, it turns out most people might actually be eating more in January than the holiday season.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin says he'll unveil a major health care initiative later this week that's designed to strengthen Vermont's primary care physician network. A second goal of the plan is to lower the cost of private health insurance premiums.

The governor says his decision not to pursue a single-payer health care system this year doesn't mean that he won't propose some key health care reform plans.

The Shumlin Administration says Vermont has seen a significant decline in the number of people who don't have health insurance. Gov. Peter Shumlin says the federal Affordable Care Act is the major reason why this has happened.

The state conducts the Household Health Insurance Survey every two years to track the number of Vermonters who don't have coverage.

According to the new survey results, the state's uninsured rate dropped from 6.8 percent to 3.7 percent. It's the second-lowest rate in the country; Massachusetts is the lowest.

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Attorney General Bill Sorrell wants to know why the cost of many generic drugs has skyrocketed in the past few months.

If you have a prescription for a generic drug, you've probably noticed a sharp increase in the cost of the medication. In some cases, prices have increased by as much as one thousand percent overnight.

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Are you spending your holiday surreptitiously checking work emails? Not a good idea.

In his new book, The Organized Mind, McGill University professor of psychology and behavioral neuroscience Daniel Levitin reminds us that our brains need a true rest in order to function properly. The deluge of tweets, Facebook updates, and emails we're faced with on a daily basis, compete for the limited attentional resources of our brains.

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At the beginning of this year, Governor Shumlin used his State of the State address to discuss Vermont's opiate addiction problem. The legislature followed up with a comprehensive bill addressing treatment, prosecution, and policing.