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The House Education committee will meet this week to review possible changes to Act 46, the state's new school district consolidation law.

But it's very unlikely that any final package will be voted on by the Legislature until after Town Meeting Day in March, and that timing could leave many school boards in budget limbo.

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical System has sued Vermont for paying community hospitals higher Medicaid rates than are paid to the New Hampshire facility.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock's lawsuit alleges that Vermont’s policy is unconstitutional because it treats the Lebanon, New Hampshire-based health care provider differently from Vermont hospitals, even though the services they deliver are the same. The suit says the policy also violates federal Medicaid laws.

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When it comes to buying health insurance, the last few years have been a roller coaster for small businesses in Vermont.

This is the only state where businesses with 50 or fewer employees are required to purchase insurance plans sold on the exchange.

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State officials are enthusiastically supporting federal legislation that cracks down on Medicaid fraud.

Rep. Peter Welch is a lead sponsor of this bill. He says it's needed because millions of Americans have been added to the Medicaid program through the Affordable Care Act.

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The Brattleboro Retreat board of trustees has appointed Louis Josephson as the hospital's new president and chief executive officer.

A Boston-based tech firm responsible for constructing a major component of Vermont’s online health insurance exchange looks to be going out of business.

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On Sunday, customers will begin shopping for their 2016 insurance plans on Vermont Health Connect, and that means judgment day for a new piece of software that’s supposed to help the state avoid the technical glitches that plagued last year’s enrollment process. Administration officials say this time around, the exchange will be ready for prime time.


Last month, the Green Mountain Care Board voted to allow Blue Cross to increase its rates for policies sold on Vermont Health Connect by almost 6 percent. A year ago, the rates went up by almost 8 percent.

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Lawmakers are slowly coming to grips with significant cost overruns in the state’s Medicaid program. But elected officials still aren’t sure what’s causing the budget problems, much less how to pay for them. 

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The research and development of new drugs is a high-cost, high-stakes industry, and at its center are questions of scientific rigor and ethical standards.

We look at the biomedical ethics of how new drugs get developed for the marketplace. Our guest is Jonathan Kimmelman, associate professor of biomedical ethics at McGill University in Montreal.  Kimmelman says there are moral dimensions to drug development, and he studies the risk-benefit balance in the testing and regulating of new pharmaceuticals.