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Johnson considers form-based codes for its village center. Trails are closed to snowmobiles and high-elevation hikers. Drivers are warned to beware of moose and amphibians. Wallingford announces its 17th annual bike safety day.

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Wallingford residents take bike safety seriously, and have for quite some time. Right now organizers are getting ready for the town's 17th annual Wallingford Community Bike Safety Day.

Town of Johnson

"Form-based code" has become a buzz phrase among municipal planners in Vermont. Many say it's an idea whose time has come.

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Many communities talk about creating a healthy environment through wellness initiatives, but this week some Lamoille County towns are both talking the talk and walking the walk. They've invited Mark Fenton, former host of the public television show America's Walking, to conduct downtown "walking audits."

Barre Historical Society is kick starting a wood fired bakery renovation. Wallingford weighs the pros and cons of a Town Hall cell phone antenna proposal. Waterbury plans a municipal complex groundbreaking.

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The town of Wallingford is considering a proposal to add a cell phone antenna to the historic town hall’s cupola. There are already two antennas in the clock tower, but a proposal to add a third antenna has the attention of the Vermont Department of Historic Preservation.

Vermont Integrated Architecture / Town of Waterbury

Over three and a half years after Tropical Storm Irene devastated Waterbury, the town is breaking ground on a new municipal complex.

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In 1913, Italian granite workers in Barre built a wood fired bakery where they could bake crusty Italian bread, like back in the old country. The shell of that building still stands, in downtown Barre, next to the Socialist Labor Party Hall. Both buildings are owned by the Barre Historical Society, which is organizing a community-wide effort to restore the old bakery and operate it as a living museum.

Central Vermont is spared from a clear trash bag mandate. Montpelier has a test to see if your pipes are likely to freeze. West Windsor is gearing up for its July Fourth celebration.

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Here's some good news for Vermont homebrewers thinking of turning their hobby into a business. The Vermont Small Business Development Center is offering a free class in Hardwick this month on "The Business of Craft Brewing."