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Middlebury's former Lazarus Department Store has been leveled and will become a pop-up pocket park. Three Vermont communities are semifinalists for Georgetown University's Energy Prize. Submissions are open for Montpelier's PoemCity and Randolph's PoemTown National Poetry Month projects, in April.

Attention Vermont poets: Montpelier and Randolph want you to be part of their National Poetry Month celebrations throughout April. But the submission deadlines are approaching to have your work considered for the PoemCity and PoemTown projects.

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Three Vermont communities are in the running for Georgetown University's $5 million Energy Prize. The contest's goal is to "to rethink the way American communities use energy." Fifty semifinalist communities from across the United States were announced last week. The field will be narrowed to a finalist round in 2017.

What was once Middlebury's downtown department store is now a Main Street cellar hole and a pile of rubble. The planned demolition of the Lazarus building was "substantially completed" on Monday and cleanup will continue through Wednesday.

Mount Holly residents are fundraising to replace the Star Lake dam this spring. The first U.S. Winter Swimming Championships will be held in Lake Memphremagog at the end of February.

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The Lemon Fair Insect Control District exists to do one thing: keep down the mosquito population. It's primary tool for getting this job done is areal larvicide application. So it's not a good sign for the financial viability of the district that it has decided to sell the airplane which it uses to spray the wetlands where mosquito larva thrive.

Don't feel bad if you've never heard of the United States Winter Swimming Championships. They haven't actually happened yet. Newport is hosting the inaugural event next month, in Lake Memphremagog.

This isn't about just jumping though a hole in the ice for a charitable cause (although that will be happening too). We're talking 25-, 50- and 100-meter races in a two-lane pool cut out of the lake ice.

Ron Unterman / Friends of Star Lake

Despite a half-million dollar donation and years of planning, Mt. Holly may lose a treasured lake. Residents have organized to save Star Lake, a 63-acre body of water that is home to a town recreation area and beach, but they continue to struggle against mounting costs and a threat of closure from state officials.

The Royalton Select Board wants to amend the town's charter to appoint the post of Town Treasurer.

Halifax EMS wants to use the old town garage to store its vehicle and supplies. The EPA will conduct a review of a Superfund Site in Bennington and Woodford in 2015. Snowy Owls have been cited in the Champlain Valley.


This week the New England office of the federal Environmental Protection Agency announced it will be reviewing two dozen hazardous site cleanups during 2015. Twenty of those are designated Superfund Sites, one of which is in Vermont.