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On a cloudless day in late September, 10 lawmakers drove to Springfield for a tour of the Southern State Correctional Facility. The experience left an impression, and legislators have begun pressing administration officials for reforms to the corrections system.

The death of Lara Sobel, a social worker for the Department for Children and Families who was fatally shot outside a state office building in Barre in August, was deeply unsettling. And it raised serious concerns about safety for Vermont social workers.  

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Lawmakers have been trying for years to come up with a way to curb education costs, and a spending threshold contained in a reform bill passed earlier this year seems to be doing the trick. But education officials say it’s working a little too well, and they’re warning that the legislation will force Draconian cuts if lawmakers don’t reverse course.

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The Vermont Senate took a step closer to ousting an embattled member of its body Monday when Caledonia Sen. Joe Benning drafted a resolution to expel Franklin Sen. Norm McAllister, a fellow Republican who was arrested in May on sexual assault charges.

Here, two VPR commentators offer thoughts on the matter. Jared Carter explores the legal intricacies of an expulsion of this sort, while Julie Kalish draws a parallel to Title IX proceedings in academia.

A lot’s been said about the case of Norm McAllister, the Vermont Senator arrested in May for sexual assault. Although press coverage died down over the summer, it re-emerged in earnest when McAllister made it clear he would not resign ... and that the Senate would have to decide whether or not to expel him from his post.

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Vermonters are reacting to the news that former Lt. Gov. and state senator Barbara Snelling has died at the age of 87. Snelling died Monday at her home in South Burlington with friends and family by her side.

Snelling's son, Mark Snelling, joined VPR to share memories of his mother and discuss her political legacy in Vermont.

It’s been six months since State Senator Norm McAllister was accused of sexual assault. And while the senator remains innocent until proven guilty under the constitution, legislators have begun to discuss the prospect of expelling him from the Senate.

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Have you ever looked at a problem in Vermont and thought to yourself, 'Here's how that could be fixed'?  On the next Vermont Edition, we're looking for your great ideas of laws to pass - or repeal! - that you think would improve life in Vermont.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sue Minter wants to eliminate a key part of Act 46, the state's new school district consolidation law. She says the law's budget caps will have a negative impact on many school budgets.

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Lawmakers are slowly coming to grips with significant cost overruns in the state’s Medicaid program. But elected officials still aren’t sure what’s causing the budget problems, much less how to pay for them.