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As the Senate Finance committee considers a proposal to include professional services under the sales tax, Gov. Peter Shumlin says he'll strongly oppose the effort.

The lawmakers' plan would also reduce the sales tax rate.

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Two Vermont senators are trying to resurrect a plan to increase Medicaid reimbursement rates for health care providers. And they’d use tax increases on cigarettes and health insurance claims, as well as heightened penalties on employers that don’t provide health benefits, to pay for the plan.

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House lawmakers late Wednesday afternoon gave preliminary approval to a bill that would require Vermont businesses to provide paid sick days to most workers. The Democrats responsible for its passage call it a labor rights victory. But Republicans say it’s the latest anti-business measure from Montpelier.

Republicans weren’t the only ones opposed to the paid sick days bill. And the narrow 76 to 66 margin of victory included "no" votes from more than a handful of Democrats. 

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The Vermont Senate has voted to end the philosophical exemption some parents use to decline to have their children vaccinated.

The legislation, which passed the Senate Wednesday in an 18-11 vote, would require the full range of required vaccinations as a pre-condition to enrolling in school.

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The Senate Education committee is backing a school restructuring bill that's designed to expand educational opportunities for students throughout the state. And supporters of the plan are hopeful that the legislation would also reduce property taxes.

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It’s been a long, busy legislative session in Montpelier, and it’s not over yet. A few months ago, we tagged along with two freshmen state lawmakers — elected just last fall — on one of their first commutes to the Capitol. Recently, we talked to them over lunch about how they’ve been working to change Montpelier — and how it's changing them.

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Senate leaders are exploring a major change to Vermont's sales tax. The goal of the plan is to give the state a more sustainable revenue base in the future.

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Senate President John Campbell says it's very unlikely that the Senate will pass one of Gov. Peter Shumlin's top legislative priorities this session: making a significant reduction in the Medicaid Cost Shift.

Campbell says the governor's plan would have a detrimental impact on Vermont's business community.

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The release of a high-risk sex offender from prison last week is again raising questions about state sex offender laws. 

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Representatives Chris Pearson and Jean O’Sullivan introduced a bill this week to reinstate the prohibition of alcoholic beverages in Vermont, but they don’t want it to pass.

The bill, which would make possession of alcohol punishable by up to 30 years in prison and fines of $1 million, is the latest rhetorical flourish by lawmakers hoping to legalize marijuana in Vermont.