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According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, among the nation’s cities, Vermont’s lone metropolitan area has the third lowest unemployment rate in the country.

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After a week of behind the scenes wrangling, the Senate gave its final approval to the paid sick leave bill Wednesday.

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Dozens of high school students from across Vermont descended on the Statehouse Tuesday to urge lawmakers to place new restrictions on the sale and use of electronic cigarettes.

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The Senate on Wednesday is scheduled to take final action on the paid sick leave bill. And there's a lot of political intrigue surrounding this vote.

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Joseph "Chip" Troiano represents Caledonia District 2 in the House. Troiano worked for more than 30 years as a defense investigator in Vermont. The job allowed him to make use of his skill as a photographer, which is currently on display at the Statehouse.

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A key vote in the Senate Tuesday has Vermont poised to become the fifth state in the country to require employers to provide paid sick leave. The compromise package is the result of years of advocacy by proponents of the measure. But some business groups are still wary of the plan.

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Lawmakers burned the midnight oil early Saturday morning to approve a bill that softens the impact of school district spending thresholds.

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Six of Vermont's largest physician organizations are urging the Legislature not to legalize marijuana this year.

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The House approved a plan Wednesday to give local school boards more flexibility to comply with the spending caps of Act 46.

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If you get the flu, are you able to take the day off from work? Most workplaces would prefer not have sick people on the job, but some workers can't afford to take a day off. Vermont lawmakers are debating a bill that would require businesses to offer paid sick days, and we'll look at the pros and cons.

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The effort to legalize marijuana has gotten a big boost at the Statehouse. Gov. Peter Shumlin and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Sears have announced their support for a bill that "cautiously and deliberately" moves to legalize marijuana in Vermont.

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The Shumlin Administration has unveiled the framework of a plan that will completely change how health care providers are paid in Vermont.

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In a stunning policy reversal, Gov. Peter Shumlin is dropping his plan to tighten Medicaid eligibility rules for pregnant women.

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Lawmakers on both the left and right found things to criticize in Gov. Shumlin's budget address. They focused both on the math used to build the budget, and some of the specific spending proposals.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin delivered his sixth and final budget proposal to the Legislature Thursday afternoon. The plan calls for a 3 percent increase in spending and raises roughly $30 million in new taxes.

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A raucous crowd at the Statehouse Wednesday demanded more local control over the siting of large scale renewable energy projects.

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Opponents of newly enacted cuts to welfare benefits have begun their legislative push to repeal the changes. Lawmakers say they appreciate advocates’ concerns. But they say fiscal pressures will make it tough to find the revenue needed to rescind cuts to program known as Reach Up.

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The big question at the Statehouse is, "What the heck is going on with efforts to change the spending caps of Act 46?”

Vermont Interactive Technologies ceased operations last month at all 17 of its sites that had been used for job training, distance learning, bankruptcy proceedings, public hearings and more. Now, a plan for the state's public access TV stations to provide some of the service may be too late. Rob Chapman is executive director of ORCA Media in Montpelier and a member of the working group assigned to help coordinate VIT’s dissolution.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a series of public hearings in southern Vermont Monday on marijuana legalization.