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Angela Evancie / VPR file

House Majority Leader Sarah Copeland-Hanzas is abandoning her bid to be speaker of the house, clearing a path for Grand Isle Democrat Mitzi Johnson to be Vermont’s next speaker when the Vermont Legislature convenes in 2017.


More than 2,000 people in Vermont are enrolled in the state’s medical marijuana registry, but some lawmakers say many eligible patients still have trouble obtaining medical cannabis.

Proposed legislation would lower some of the barriers to access.

Taylor Dobbs / VPR/file

Longtime Washington Sen. Bill Doyle has made the formal request for a vote recount, after placing fourth in his three-member district on Election Day. He is trailing Democrat Francis Brooks by 187 votes.

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A state program created more than two years ago to fund improvements to internet service has yet to award any money.

Meg Malone; Patti Daniels / VPR file

Democrat Sue Minter and Republican Phil Scott say they support the creation of an ethics commission in Vermont, but sharply disagree over what constitutes a conflict of interest for elected officials.

Angela Evancie / VPR file

Proponents of wind energy say they're worried that a state-funded research project will be used to misguide Vermonters about the health effects of turbine noise.

Peter Hirschfeld / VPR

The high cost of child care poses a serious financial challenge for many families in Vermont. Next year, lawmakers are going to decide whether government should do more to help parents pay for it. 

Rebecca Sananes / VPR

A new study shows millions of pounds of produce go uneaten in Vermont every year and yet nearly 80,000 Vermonters are living in food-insecure households. Volunteers, legislators and farmers are trying to find ways to bridge the gap between unused food and people experiencing hunger.

Peter Hirschfeld / VPR

On Friday afternoon, about 200 Vermonters celebrated a state law that requires special labels for foods made with genetically modified ingredients.

Bob Kinzel / VPR

The Attorney General's office and the Vermont Human Rights Commission have launched a public education campaign to alert consumers and businesses about the existence of gender-based pricing for goods and services in the state.

Angela Evancie / VPR file

Vermont lawmakers are about to spend $250,000 on an independent study of the state’s online health insurance marketplace, and legislative leaders say the assessment will help determine the fate of Vermont Health Connect.

Cliff Owen / AP

Hillary Clinton appears to have clinched the Democratic presidential nomination. But in a speech last Thursday, Bernie Sanders called on his supporters to take his political revolution to the local level. And the founders of a new political action committee in Vermont say they intend to do just that. 

Taylor Dobbs / VPR

State senator Norm McAllister's rape trial ended abruptly this morning as prosecutors dismissed two counts of sexual assault against him.

Peter Hirschfeld / VPR

The methods used by stalkers to harass and intimidate their victims have evolved over the years. Vermont’s criminal statutes have not. That’s about to change, and new legislation will strengthen legal protections for victims of stalking.

Jeb Wallace-Brodeur for VPR

There was partisan bickering. There was procedural gamesmanship. And finally, after 11 long hours in the Statehouse, there was a policy resolution in Montpelier on Thursday. 

Peter Hirschfeld / VPR

Democratic lawmakers are scrambling to resuscitate the renewable-energy siting bill that was vetoed by Governor Peter Shumlin on Monday. But the Republicans whose help they’ll need to rescue the legislation are not going along with the plan. 

Angela Evancie / VPR file

Gov. Peter Shumlin has vetoed legislation that would give towns an opportunity to have more say in the renewable energy siting process. And while Shumlin says he’s ready to work with lawmakers to salvage key aspects of the bill, Republican legislators are not in a mood to bargain.

Gov. Peter Shumlin has vetoed a controversial energy siting bill, triggering a special legislative veto session on Thursday where lawmakers can try to override his rejection or try to fix the portions he finds unacceptable and send it back.

Angela Evancie / VPR

Vermont’s state college system got its first funding increase in nearly a decade this past legislative session. But the one-time appropriation won’t solve the institutions’ long-term money problems, and the colleges are running out of places to cut costs.

Noah Berger / AP

During the current presidential campaign, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has received more individual contributions than any other person in the history of American politics.

And at the same time that Sanders campaigns tirelessly to win the party's nomination, he's also used his fundraising abilities to help local and state candidates across the country.