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If you haven't already, please check out Invisibilia, a pilot program from NPR. Invisibilia, Latin for "all the invisible things," explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior – things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.

Monday, January 26:

5:59am: John Zorn: "Sacred Embers", from "Psychomagia."

6:18am: Big Sam's Funky Nation: "Take 5", from "King of the Party."

6:30am: Patricia Barber: "The Beat Goes On", from "Companion."

6:41am: Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola: "Rockin' In Rhythm", from "Duke Ellington."

6:59am: Masa Sumide: "Addicted To Swing", from "The Collection."

7:07am: Rhythm Section: "Suzanne's Jam", from "The Best of Cookin'."

7:18am: Snarky Puppy: "Turned Away", from "We Like It Here."

We are thrilled to welcome James Stewart to VPR Classical as our new local afternoon host. Get to know him in our latest ProFile, and listen to his program weekday afternoons from 4-7.

My name...is James Stewart.

VPR employee since...January 2015.

Public radio listener since...I was an undergrad.  It was a great way to learn the repertoire that I was required to know for my degree.

Monday, January 19:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

5:59am: Steve Gadd: "Watching the River Flow", from "The Gadd Gang."

6:18am: Steve Coleman and 5 Elements: "Incantation", from "The Tao Of Mad Phat."

6:30am: Clutchy Hopkins: "No Contact...Contact", from "The Story Teller."

6:41am: Vibes Alive: "Mantra", from "Total Acid Jaxx and Nu-Soul."

6:59am: Jacko Peake: "SFO", from "The Best Of Cookin'."

7:07am: Combustion Collective: "Skipjack", from "Slick."

7:18am: McCoy Tyner: "Afro Blue", from "Afro Blue."

Monday, January 12:

5:59am: Brandi Disterheft: "Second Dawn", from "Second Side."

6:07am: Taylor Haskins: "Clouds Form Below Us", from "Wake Up Call."

6:18am: Marco Benevento: "Two Of You", from "Between the Needles and Nightfall."

6:30am: The Apples: "Kings", from the album of the same name.

6:41am: Bill Frisell: "Imagine", from "...All We Are Saying."

6:59am: Modern Groove Syndicate: "Back In the Kitchen With Terry", from "Mosern Groove Syndicate."

7:07am: Aaron Parks: "Riddle Me This", from "Invisible Cinema."

Taylor Dobbs / VPR

VPR will be live at the Statehouse this week for the opening of the 2015 legislative session, vote for governor, and inauguration.

Wednesday, Jan. 7: Vermont Edition will broadcast live at noon with Statehouse Reporter Bob Kinzel and Speaker of the House Shap Smith.

Monday, January 5:

5:59am: Wycliffe Gordon: "Another Slow One", from "Boss Bones."

6:18am: Duke Reid: "Soul Style", from "Duke Reid's Treasure Chest."

6:30am: Clutchy Hopkins: "No Contact...Contact", from "The Story Teller."

6:41am: Galactic: "Black-Eyed Pea", from "Late For the Future."

6:59am: The Marsalis Family: "At the House, In Da Pocket", from "Family Redeems."

7:07am: Lloyd Miller and the Heliocentrics: "Fantasia, Part 1", from "OST."

7:18am: Mongo Santamaria: "Feelin' Alright", from the album of the same name.

Monday, December 29:

5:59am: Atfunk: "Xpressionism"

6:18am: Chris Joss: "The Wait", from "You've Been Spiked."

6:30am: Arlen Roth: "Cruisin' Coupe", from "Drive It Home."

6:41am: Tim Simonec: "Too Hip To Retire", from the soundtrack to the film "Whiplash."

6:59am: Railroad Earth: "The Wheel", from "Jerry Jams For Rex II."

7:07am: McCoy Tyner: "Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit", from "Enlightenment."

7:18am: Bill Frisell: "Messin' With the Kid", from "Guitar In the Space Age."

Monday, December 22:

5:59am: McCoy Tyner: "Carriba", from "Afro Blue."

6:18am: James Newton Howard: "War", from the soundtrack to the film "Duplicity."

6:30am: Soulive: "Steppin'", from "Turn It Out."

6:41am: The Funkateers: "Funkafied", from "Inner City Sounds."

6:59am: Spirit Jazz Project: "Providence", from "Square Peg."

7:18am: Marc Ribot: "Fat Man Blues", from "Live at the Village Vanguard."

7:30am: Turkuaz: "There Was A Time", from "Covers, Vol. 1."

7:41am: Orrin Evans: "In My Soul", from "Mother's Touch."