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Listen to VPR Monday for the special programs Monumental Disagreements and We’ve Never Been the Same. Music lovers of all genres should check out the 2015 Summer Music Festivals guide at VPR.net!

Listen Monday, May 25 at 12 p.m. to Monumental Disagreements.

We’re working hard to turn the page on nearly 40 years of traditional on-air fundraising … You know, when we interrupt programming for several days to remind you that listener support is essential to VPR’s service?

Monday, May 18:

5:59am: Albert "Tootie" Heath: "Bag's Groove", from "Philadelphia Beat."

6:07am: Jesse Cook: "Mario Takes A Walk", from "Gravity."

6:18am: 7 Walkers: "Mr. Okra", from "7 Walkers."

6:30am: Jazz Mandolin Project: "Nozani Na", from "The Jazz Mandolin Project."

6:41am: Mose Allison: "Some Right, Some Wrong", from "The Way of the World."

6:50am: Russ Barenberg: "Cowboy Calypso", from "Rounder Guitar."

6:59am: Grateful Dead: "Shakedown Street", Live from Uptown Theater, Chicago, Il., 12/5/79.

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Having many cooks on the VPR staff means there are almost always treats to be had, so we’re reviving our series VPR Cooks, featuring recipes for dishes we share with each other.

Monday, May 11:

5:59am: Patrice Rushen: "Red Clay", from "Piano, Bass, and Drums."

6:07am: Dr. Lonnie Smith: "Mama Wailer", from "Mama Wailer."

6:18am: Michael Hedges: "Double Planet", from "Live On the Double Planet."

6:30am: Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussain: "Dances With Wood", from "Global Drum Project."

6:41am: Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls: "Dime Bag Conspiracy", from "Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls."

6:59am: The Radiators: “Suck Da Head (Squeeze the Tip)”, Live from Live from Jazzfest, New Orleans, LA., 2007.

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Vermont Public Radio has elected four new members to its Board of Directors to serve three-year terms:

Jonathan Rotsztain

How many listeners does VPR have? How many stations? Who is streaming our programming at VPR.net? We've gathered a bunch of essential facts about VPR right in one place. Download a copy here!

Ever since the first days of radio, we’ve been thrilled by the incredible characters, sounds and music that fill the airwaves. The Flynn Radio Theatre Camp gives young people the opportunity to create their own radio show for family and friends.

Musician Jon Gailmor, a songwriting teacher, has been writing songs and performing throughout Vermont for more than 40 years. He’ll take camp participants ‘behind the scenes’ at VPR to write the script and songs, devise sound effects and record their radio theatre production to take home.

Monday, May 4:

5:59am: Jeremy Danneman: "Mutobo March", from "Lady Boom Boom."

6:18am: Snarky Puppy: "Shofukan", from "We Like It Here."

6:30am: Regina Carter: "See See Rider", from "Southern Comfort."

6:41am: Galactic: "Green Minute", from "Vintage Reserve."

6:50am: Black Tie Brass: "Oscar the Grouch", from "Black Tie Brass."

6:59am: Perpetual Groove: "Sun Dog", from "Sweet Oblivious Antidote."

7:07am: Robert Walter: "Inversion Layer", from "Get Thy Bearings."

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