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It's Throwback Thursday at VPR! Everyone who makes a pledge to today – in any amount – will receive a Mystery Artist Mug from the last 10 years!

VPR began commissioning mug designs from Vermont artists in 1992. Since then, more than 60 mugs have been created to celebrate VPR and its community. 

What's your favorite VPR Artist Mug? Let us know in the comments. And thank you for your support! 

“Deep Down We All Love Math T-shirt,” © 2013 by _Untitled-1, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0.

When it comes to membership drives, it’s all about the math.

If you are a dedicated listener, then you know that we can get a little punchy during our membership drives.

Do you hear that?

It’s the sound of a pledge-free day.

And you have Sustaining Members to thank for it.

Our September Membership Drive is shorter than past drives due to the fact that listeners in droves have flocked to Sustaining Membership as an easy and convenient way to support VPR.

Monday, September 9th:  

*Thank you sustaining members for allowing us to take a break from the membership drive today!

5:59am: Pete Marinovich: "Second Voice", from the album of the same name.

6:20am: RJD2: "All For U", from "Magnificent City Instrumentals."

6:49am: Jerry Garcia Band: "They Love Each Other", from "Pure Jerry: Live at Theater 1839, SF, CA., 7/29/77.

6:58am: Gua Gua: "Recompense", from "Tres."

7:20am: Willie Bobo: "Grazing in the Grass", from "Willie Bobo's finest Hour."


As a part of VPR's Open Source Initiative, we're rolling out a new GitHub repository where we'll share the data that we use to build our news apps. Our aim is to be as open and transparent as possible while also providing a resource for other reporters and developers in the area.

The directory is a little light on projects at the moment, but we're just getting started so stay tuned!

The VPR Data GitHub Repository

Our September Membership Drive is off to a strong start! Although we missed a challenge of receiving 150 pledges before 9 a.m. (we received 130!) our faithful listeners came through in a big way, contributing nearly $10,000.

Today in our Stories That Matter series, Sustaining Membership Coordinator Jean Murphy describes a recent StoryCorps episode that will stay with her for a long time. 

Today, we kick-off our September Membership Drive.

And although we are still on the air asking for your support, this is definitely not your typical drive.

You've asked for shorter membership drives. And we are giving it to you. (We are making even more changes to our drives in the coming year; if you are interested, you can get the full details in a recent blog post.)

Historically, our drives span 10 full days. This drive is just eight.


Vermont Edition Host Jane Lindholm got a little carried away with her garden this year. That, or she has a really, really green thumb. For the last month or so, we've been finding baskets of cucumbers in the VPR kitchen, with notes signed "The Cucumber Lady," pleading with us to take them off her hands.

Monday, September 2nd:  Happy Labor Day!

5:59am: Stanley Jordan: "Freddie Freeloader", from "Magic Touch."

6:20am: Traffic: "Glad", from "John Barleycorn Must Die."

6:49am: Booker T: "Get Behind the Mule", from "Potato Hole."

6:58am: John Scofield: "Lazy", from "Groove Elation."

7:20am: New Mastersounds: "This Aint Work", from "Be Yourself."

7:58am: Thelonius Monk: "Work", from "Thelonius Monk and Sonny Rollins."

VPR is making some important changes to our membership drives in the coming year.

We know that drives are not necessarily a listener favorite, but they are a critical way for VPR to remind our audiences of how our unique business model works. Also, every day there are people who discover public radio for the first time, and we need to regularly encourage new listeners to become contributing listeners.

We continue our series about the stories that have mattered to VPR Staff today, with contributions from Mitch Wertlieb and Mary Williams, your morning companions on VPR News.   


Friday, August 30th, 2013, 8p.m.  It's hard to believe it, but Friday Night Jazz with Reuben Jackson turns one next week! To celebrate, you'll hear a live taped performance of saxophonist Brian McCarthy.  He'll be playing with Paul Asbell on guitar, Rob Morse on bass, and Jeff Salisbury on drums.  Reuben Jackson will round out the program with requests that have come in from listeners.  Listen Friday night at 8.

Credit Indaia Whitcombe / WUNC

The Story, which airs weekdays at 2 p.m. on VPR News, will broadcast its final program on North Carolina Public Radio - WUNC this fall.  That's because Dick Gordon has decided to return to his native Canada, where he started his journalism career with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, to be closer to his family. 

Stan Rashid

Througout this week, VPR will present special news coverage and programs marking the two-year anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene, and we'd like you to contribute to the conversation. 

You're invited to share your photos from before and after the storm. What did your surroundings look like before Irene, after the storm - and what do they look like today? You can post photos at VPR’s Facebook page, or email them to community@vpr.net

Michelle Owens / VPR

Last Friday afternoon, the VPR staff gathered under a tent on our front lawn for our annual employee recognition picnic.

We ate barbeque, played corn hole and badminton, and recognized these six VPR staffers for their years of dedication to VPR:

Monday, August 26th:

5:59am: Duke Reid: "Soul Style", from "Duke Reid's Treasure Chest."

6:20am: Wycliffe Gordon: "Another Slow One", from "Boss Bones."

6:49am: Modern Groove Syndicate: "El Guapo", from "Ms. Popular."

6:58am: Medeski, Martin, and Wood: "Floodwaters", from "20."

7:20am: Bill Frisell: "Strawberry Fields Forever", from "All We Are Saying..."

7:58am: Cirkestra: "Cloud Swing", from "Alice."

8:20am: Courtney Pine: "The 37th Chamber", from "Modern Day Jazz Stories." 

Ben Resnik / VPR

Over the next few weeks, we'll be hearing from VPR staffers about the public radio stories that have mattered to them. Today, Brendan Kinney, vice president for development and marketing, explains why this recent commentary about why Pete Rose should enter the Hall Of Fame with Ichiro Suzuki by Frank Deford stopped him in his tracks.

Monday, August 19th:

5:59am: Paul Simon: "Amulet", from "So Beautiful or So What."

6:20am: Cameron Mizell: "The Return", from "Tributary."

6:49am: Damian Erskine: "Costa Del Sol", from "Trios."

6:58am: Marcus Roberts and Bela Fleck: "One Blue Truth", from "Across the Imaginary Divide."

7:20am: John Zorn: "1001 Nights  in Marrakech", from "Dreamachines."

7:58am: Dr. Lonnie Smith: "The New Pollution", from "Boogaloo to Beck."

8:20am: David Ornette Cherry: "Underground", from "It Could Be Different."