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Last Friday afternoon, the VPR staff gathered under a tent on our front lawn for our annual employee recognition picnic.

We ate barbeque, played corn hole and badminton, and recognized these six VPR staffers for their years of dedication to VPR:

Monday, August 26th:

5:59am: Duke Reid: "Soul Style", from "Duke Reid's Treasure Chest."

6:20am: Wycliffe Gordon: "Another Slow One", from "Boss Bones."

6:49am: Modern Groove Syndicate: "El Guapo", from "Ms. Popular."

6:58am: Medeski, Martin, and Wood: "Floodwaters", from "20."

7:20am: Bill Frisell: "Strawberry Fields Forever", from "All We Are Saying..."

7:58am: Cirkestra: "Cloud Swing", from "Alice."

8:20am: Courtney Pine: "The 37th Chamber", from "Modern Day Jazz Stories." 

Ben Resnik / VPR

Over the next few weeks, we'll be hearing from VPR staffers about the public radio stories that have mattered to them. Today, Brendan Kinney, vice president for development and marketing, explains why this recent commentary about why Pete Rose should enter the Hall Of Fame with Ichiro Suzuki by Frank Deford stopped him in his tracks.

Monday, August 19th:

5:59am: Paul Simon: "Amulet", from "So Beautiful or So What."

6:20am: Cameron Mizell: "The Return", from "Tributary."

6:49am: Damian Erskine: "Costa Del Sol", from "Trios."

6:58am: Marcus Roberts and Bela Fleck: "One Blue Truth", from "Across the Imaginary Divide."

7:20am: John Zorn: "1001 Nights  in Marrakech", from "Dreamachines."

7:58am: Dr. Lonnie Smith: "The New Pollution", from "Boogaloo to Beck."

8:20am: David Ornette Cherry: "Underground", from "It Could Be Different."

Monday, August 12th:

5:59am: Steve Coleman and 5 Elements: "Incantation", from "The Tao of Mad Phat."

6:20am: Shawn Lee: "Full Moon", from "Clutch of the Tiger."

6:49am: Earl Klugh: "Cast Your Fate to the Wind", from "Hand Picked."

6:58am: Galactic: "Black-Eyed Pea", from "Late for the Future."

7:20am: M.Ward: "Transfiguration #1", from "Transfiguration of Vincent."

7:58am: Brad Mehldau: "Wonderwall", from "Brad Mehldau Trio: Live."

AP Photo/Kevin Clifford

Monday, August 12, 2013 at 9 p.m.! Take your radio and a blanket into the backyard and tune in for our annual Eye on the Sky Stargazing Party.

Monday, August 5th:

5:59am: Crimson Jazz Trio: "Catfood", from "King Crimson Songbook, Vol. 1"

6:20am: The Jazz Passengers: "Jive Samba (Part II)", from "Individually Twisted."

6:49am: Medeski, Martin, and Wood: "Floodwaters", from "20."

6:58am: Doug Perkins: "Chorundum", from "Music for Flat-Top Guitar."

7:20am: Perpetual Groove: "Mr. Transistor", from "Home Grown 5 Totally Live."

7:58am: Alexandre Desplat: "Kristofferson's Theme", from the soundtrack to the film "Fantastic Mr. Fox."


VPR has been honored with a Seven Daysie award for Best Radio Station for the sixth consecutive year! The Daysies are voted on each year by readers of the Burlington-based weekly paper Seven Days and cover restaurants, artists, stores, festivals, journalists, media and more around Vermont. We're honored to be the top pick again this year. It is an honor be your essential and trusted independent voice for news, information, music and cultural exploration.

Tuesday, July 30th:

5:59am: Duke Jordan: "No Problem", from "Flight to Denmark."

6:20am: Ahmad Jamal: "Perugia", from "Crystal."

6:49am: John Scofield: "Endless Summer", from "Uberjam Deux."

6:58am: Maceo Parker: "Inner City Blues", from "Funk Overload."

7:20am: Pretenders: "Space Invader", from "Pretenders."

7:58am: John Hammond: "Wild Horses", from "Rock Steady."

8:20am: Preservation Hall Jazz Band: "That's It!", from the album of the same name.

8:39am: Morphine: "I Know You (Part III)", from "Like Swimming."

Lesli Blount / VPR

 More than 650 VPR fans came to the Shelburne Museum on July 20 for the annual VPR Listener Picnic. Except for 10 minutes of rain, the weather held out and everyone enjoyed hearing from Here & Now Host Robin Young, live music by Joshua Panda & The Hot Damned and Rick & The Ramblers, food truck treats, and exploring the museum.

Are you one of our new VPR News or VPR Classical listeners in the Brattleboro or Rutland area? If so, we need your help with producing a new batch of testimonials!

During our membership drives, you hear VPR listeners talk about how much they love VPR. We want listeners from the Brattleboro and Rutland areas to share their thoughts about how they're enjoying the new signals. By reminding other listeners of our newly-expanded service, you'll be helping VPR's next fundraising effort in a meaningful way.

My visit to Cape Breton and to Prince Edward Island this October with VPR caps off a series of tours I've led with ties to Celtic music and culture.  

Monday, July 15th:

5:59am: John Scofield: "Gee Baby, Aint I Good To You", from "A Moment's Peace."

6:20am: Alan Evans Trio: "Authoritay", from "Drop Hop."

6:49am: The Radiators: "Suck Da Head (Squeeze the Tip)", Live from Jazzfest 2007, New Orleans, LA.

6:58am: McCoy Tyner: "Afro Blue", from the album of the same name.

7:20am: The Police: "The Other Way of Stopping", from "Zenyatta Mondatta."

7:58am: Wilco: "Impossible Germany", from "Sky Blue Sky."

8:20am: Jerry Garcia Band: "Stop That Train", from "Jerry Garcia Band."

Photo: Courtesy, Malboro Music

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Update: July 10, 2013

When Tropical Storm Irene raged through Vermont it shattered homes and businesses, roads and bridges. 1,400 households were displaced.  Many people were left with nothing, except the muddied remnants of their belongings. Some lost their homes and their jobs. The storm had eroded the foundations of many people’s lives. But others reached out to help.

Interactive Map Of FEMA Funds Distributed/Allocated In Vermont

Monday, July 8th:

5:59am: Bill Frisell: "Roscoe", from "Good Dog, Happy Man."

6:20am: Lettuce: "Dizzer", from "Rage."

6:49am: Aaron Parks: "Roadside Distraction", from "Invisible Cinema."

6:58am: Soul Vendors: "Swing Easy", from "Downbeat the Ruler."

7:20am: John Ellis: "All Up in the Aisles", from "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow."

7:58am: Crimson Jazz Trio: "Ladies of the Road", from "King Crimson Songbook, Vol. 1."

8:20am: Beastie Boys: "Ricky's Theme", from "Ill Communication."

Monday, July 1st:

5:59am: Bad Plus: "Super America", from "Never Stop."

6:20am: James Newton Howard: "War", from the soundtrack to the film "Duplicity."

6:49am: Perpetual Groove:  "Sun Dog", from "Sweet Oblivious Antidote."

6:58am: Trio Subtonic: "Troglodyte", from "Cave Dweller."

7:20am: David Ornette Cherry: "Free Zone", from "It Could Be Different."

7:58am: Bill Frisell: "Somewhere", from "Big Sur."

8:20am: Robert Walter: "Inversion Layer", from "Get Thy Bearings."

We are pleased to announce that Vermont Public Radio has been honored by the Public Radio News Directors Inc.

Updated at 10 a.m., Tuesday, June 25:

Inside VPR's Open Source Initiative

Jun 25, 2013

While writing this post to announce the open sourcing of the Vermont map used in the Mapping the Money project, Tim Johnson brought to my attention that the average reader of the VPR Blog might not have any idea what "open source" even meant. Given that the map marks VPR's first contribution to the open source community, it seems like the opportune time to explain the concept as well as VPR's intended role as an open source contributor.