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H. Brooke Paige won the GOP nomination to six statewide offices in Vermont’s primary election. He has withdrawn from five of the six races he won.
Emily Alfin Johnson / VPR file

H. Brooke Paige is the Republican candidate for Vermont Secretary of State who has a unique history of running for office in Vermont: he's run for several different offices, and for different parties, in the past. 

In the August primary, Paige ran for, and won, six different offices for the Republican party. He withdrew from all of those races, except one: Secretary of State.

A stack of newspapers on a white background.
bernie_photo / iStock

Economic and political changes are staring down journalism professionals in ways that, while not necessarily new, pose complex new challenges. To examine this new landscape, the Friends of the Vermont State House and the Vermont Humanities Council will host a daylong journalism symposium Wednesday in Montpelier, called “Old News / New News / Real News / Fake News."

"Society, have mercy on me / I hope you're not angry if I disagree," go the closing lines of "Society" — a three-chord folk song written by Jerry Hannan. Last week, amidst a contentious midterm election season, two aspiring politicians in Vermont performed the song as an elegant aisle-crossing and a rare cross-party collaboration.

Angela Evancie / VPR File

The EB-5 scandal in the Northeast Kingdom has posed an interesting dilemma.

One of the rooms at the low-barrier shelter in Burlington. The shelter opens Nov. 1 and this year will remain open until June 15.
Liam Elder-Connors / VPR

Burlington's only shelter without a sobriety requirement will be open from Nov. 1 until mid-June, two months longer than previous years.

Live call-in discussion: Little more than two weeks before the Nov. 6 election, a new VPR - Vermont PBS poll sheds light on where candidates stand with voters - and the issues on the minds of Vermonters. We're digging into the poll results and what they tell us about the upcoming election and what issues Vermonters will be focused on beyond November.

Eesha Williams / ValleyPost.org

When the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its special report detailing massive action will be needed if we’re to prevent catastrophic climate change as early as 2040, I wasn’t shocked.

Gary De Carolis, executive director of Turning Point Center in Burlington, stands in the VPR lobby
Bayla Metzger / VPR

Madelyn Linsenmeir was 30 years old when she died on Oct. 7. When her obituary was published, it went viral on social media for its compassionate take on opioid addiction.

Moats: Me Too

Oct 22, 2018
Pool photo via AP, Tom Williams, 20180927

One question I have for the big shot men who've been accused of abusive behavior toward women is this: Don’t you see what losers you are if you have to use your power or celebrity to force yourself on women?

A new VPR - Vermont PBS Poll is out today, with numbers on who's leading in various statewide races before the midterms and how Vermonters of different political persuasions feel about various issues, from affordability to racism. 

An image of the Vermont state flag.
btgbtg / iStock.com

Gov. Phil Scott and the rest of Vermont’s incumbent statewide officeholders appear to be on a safe track toward re-election, according to the results of a new poll commissioned by VPR and Vermont PBS.

Every day, the opioid epidemic claims an estimated 115 lives. But rarely, does any one casualty gain the type of attention that the obituary for a young mother, published on the website of The Burlington Free Press, received earlier this week.

VPR Newscast for 10/19/18 at 6:04 p.m.

Oct 19, 2018

Rep. Janssen Willhoit (right) is challenging TJ Donovan for the office of Vermont's attorney general.
Rep. Brian Keefe (right) and Peter Hirschfeld (left) / Willhoit Campaign (right) and VPR (left)

Republican State Rep. Janssen Willhoit is challenging incumbent Democrat TJ Donovan for the position of Vermont attorney general. Donovan and Willhoit joined Vermont Edition for a live debate - part of our series of candidate debates in the run-up to November election. 

Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

The Agency of Transportation is installing a suicide prevention fence on the Quechee Gorge Bridge.

And for one family it marks the end of years of advocating for the safety measure.

The Bennington County Courthouse. Incumbent State’s attorney Erica Marthage faces a challenge from her former deputy Christina Rainville.
Jimmy Emerson / Flickr

On election day, Vermonters will go to the polls to vote on candidates for a number of offices across the state. One race that doesn't usually get much attention is state's attorney. All 14 county prosecutors are up for re-election. Only four of the races are contested.

Vermont Attorney General T.J. Donovan speaking during the 2016 election. Donovan is seeking a second two-year term in the Nov. 6 election.
Oliver Parini / VPR file

TJ Donovan is the incumbent Democrat in the Nov. 6 election, seeking a second two-year term as Vermont's attorney general. Vermont Edition spoke with the candidate to hear what he'd aim to accomplish in a second term.

A man shot by police in Pownal on Thursday night is in critical condition, according to Vermont State Police.

Bayla Metzger / VPR

Drug abuse and addiction are among rural Americans' top concerns, according to a new NPR poll. Dr. Jill Warrington is the Chief Medical Officer at South Burlington diagnostic lab, Aspenti Health, where she focuses on treating substance abuse in Vermont.

Preschoolers from Coventry march into the woods for their first Forest Day in the NEK activity.
Amy Kolb Noyes / VPR

The Jay Community Recreational Centre is 300 acres of wooded trails surrounding an open meadow and a mountain stream. It also serves as a classroom for preschoolers from across the Northeast Kingdom.