Cellist Zoë Keating's Music Helps Her Move Forward After Loss

Jul 19, 2018

With the help of a computer and foot pedal, cellist and composer Zoe Keating layers and loops her music to create a symphony out of one solo cello. After experiencing intense grief, she says her music also helped her discover new possibilities.

Keating moved to Burlington last year and last month she released her first new solo music since 2010, an EP called Snowmelt.

Keating has been a very public musician, engaging listeners on social media and her blog. It was an openness she says "shifted" once she became a mother, and shifted again when her husband was diagnosed with stage IV non-smoker's lung cancer in 2014. He died less than a year later.

Keating describes Snowmelt as "four songs from the end of a long winter." But winter has more than one meaning in her music.

Keating shares her story on the TEDMED stage

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