Mapping The Money: FEMA Irene Aid Tops $185 Million

Jun 16, 2013

FEMA has spent more than $185 million dollars in Vermont to assist with Tropical Storm Irene recovery.  The total is significantly higher than any other sources of recovery funds.

Interactive Map Of Irene FEMA Funds Distributed In Vermont

According to information compiled by VPR, towns, rather than the state, received the lion’s share of the money.

$142 million was spent on individual assistance and for local infrastructure repairs. The largest portion was to fix roads and bridges.

The FEMA data shows that some of Vermont’s smallest communities were the biggest recipients of FEMA assistance. 

Stockbridge, with a population of 736 according to the 2010 U.S. Census, received more than $6.5 million in total FEMA assistance.  Because of the number of homes destroyed in the 2011 flooding, Stockbridge also received the largest amount of money from the FEMA buyout program; $1.7 million.

Other hard hit Windsor County towns, including Bethel and Woodstock received more than $5 million in FEMA assistance.

While FEMA aid was instrumental in the recovery, many other statewide and local organizations collected and allocated money for Irene relief. 

VPR’s online Mapping the Money project is documenting where Irene relief came from and where it was spent.

The data includes a map showing where the FEMA money went and spreadsheets breaking down how it was spent.